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This street has
a wonderfully unique

Alessandro Benetti


I came to Poland
right after I decided
to completely transform
my life.

At first, I had an idea to open an Italian-themed shop, but later I began dreaming of my own small restaurant. My search for the perfect place to start my new business finally brought me here. I was completely amazed by this place and after a short conversation with the owner, I already knew that my restaurant just had to be established right here. In 2012 I opened a store, and a little later, in 2014, I also opened a restaurant. I must admit that I really like this area. Not only when it comes to running a business, but also just living here.

This street has a wonderfully unique atmosphere. It is a bit off the beaten track, which makes it surprisingly quiet. Many inhabitants of big cities look for places where they can find a moment of respite, which is why we have many customers who appreciate not only our dishes but also the relatively peaceful location.


Wojciech is
an unusual

Zbigniew Graczyk


I have lived here
all my life,
that is, 63 years.

Although it is situated in the very centre of the city, it is still very quiet. I certainly appreciate that, but I also value the fact that the Old Town Square and all sorts of bustling restaurants are available nearby as well. I frequently visit the nearby Citadel Park too - I love wandering around and relaxing there.

Our area has a truly unique character. I do not believe that there is another district anywhere in the world with a history as rich and as long as ours. Old tenement houses and places of historical importance can be seen around every corner here. I am very glad that more and more young people move to this area. Thanks to this, you can feel a constant influx of new energy when living here.

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